Every journey tells a story. When we envision the perfect holiday, we see great hotels, amazing food, incredible sightseeing, and above all, we imagine creating memories galore! On a Globus fully escorted tour, a professional handles all the details, logistics and scheduling for you.

Adventures made easy. Cosmos specialises in escorted tours and cruises in the world’s most inspiring places, whether that's cruising down a jungle river in Thailand, standing on a lava field in Iceland, or stargazing in the deserts of Western USA. No other travel company matches our local knowledge, customer experience or value for money – evident in our price match guarantee.

River cruising from a unique point of view. Aboard Avalon’s elegant and innovative ships, travellers see the world's villages, vineyards, and vibrant cities from the perspective of its legendary waterways. With the inclusion of award-winning land programmes led by expert local guides at port, Avalon travellers are immersed in their destinations.







Our Story

  • It started with a rowboat. Antonio Mantegazza (the eventual founder of the Globus family of brands) bought a rowboat on credit and began transporting travellers across Lake Lugano, sharing stories of local sights.

  • Paid holidays begin to become standard, which was great news for travel providers like Mantegazza, who expanded his operation with more rowboats on Lake Lugano. Throughout the decade, he also added:

    • Taxis on land • A fleet of twelve coaches operating in Switzerland • Operational rights to a popular local route for the Swiss national postal and transportational service

  • Mantegazza's son, Sergio, joins the company. They partner with Werner Albek, who helps Globus Viaggi operate excursions to St. Moritz, Milan, Venice, Rome, and other popular European destinations.

    • Globus Viaggi acquires two competing coach companies • Fleet of coaches grows to 33

  • In the early 50's, Globus introduces the "circular tour", offering a one price, all-inclusive holiday package. Later, Grand European Touring is launched, offering first-class tours around Europe.

    • European portfolio expands to Switzerland, Italy, the French Riviera, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Britain, and Ireland. • Globus enters the U.S. tourism market.

  • With the Mantegazza family at the helm, the company's brands begin expanding their markets into countries around the world.

    • Globus launches its North American branch - Group Voyagers, Inc. to oversee U.S. operations. • Globus launches Cosmos, featuring affordable, value-priced European touring for the cost-conscious traveller. • Werner Albek's son, Mario, joins the company.

  • As planes, cruise ships, and travel agent associations grew in size, Globus did too. Globus and Cosmos opened distribution companies in Australia, London, and Canada.

    • The United States Tour Operations Association (USTOA) is founded by Globus and a small group of California tour operators. • Circuit Travel begins operation in Australia as a registered distribution company for the Globus family of brands. • Lontours Canada Ltd. opens in Toronto.

  • Globus is one of the world's most popular tour operators, offering holidays in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Africa, the South Pacific, Asia, and South America.

  • Globus is well-known for offering its travellers more - more holidays, more travel styles, and more included features - securing its position as the worldwide leader in escorted travel.

    • Globus and Cosmos grows to record volume and becomes the market leader in escorted travel.

  • The Globus family of brands with its sister companies is the world's leading tour operator with more than 30 tourism and aviation businesses around the world, and serviced by more than 5,000 professionals.

    • Globus launches Avalon Waterways, adding river cruising to its range of travel styles. • In response to Baby Boomers' desire for more independent travel, Globus launches Monograms. • The Globus family of brands begins offering Religious holidays through Globus Faith.


When you've been showing travelers the world for nearly a century, you know what makes for a rewarding holiday - from top-notch transportation to VIP access at the iconic sights. With our level of travel expertise, we also know what makes for a spectacular holiday. We put your needs first with the most experienced Tour Directors, Cruise Directors, and Local Hosts® as well as 50 offices around the world equipped to make your holiday unforgettable.

With our experience and trusted network, there's no reason to put off the holiday of your dreams. When you travel with the Globus family of brands, you're in good hands.